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Opium weights have long been cherished collectors’ items and there are many serious collectors around the world, all of whom are eager to add to their collections. Apart from being avid collectors’ items, however, opium weights also make ideal presents and souvenirs, as well as being rare and valuable antiques.

All opium weights are made from metal and are therefore very difficult to break or damage and can be transported very easily. They are available in many different sizes, shapes and weights and take up virtually no space so make great decorative items.

Think how pleased your partner or good friend would be to receive an opium weight as a gift. He or she could place it on their desk at work and, apart from being a very quaint and attractive item of decoration, it would be sure to be a perfect conversation piece. Those who saw it would be intrigued as to its origin and history and the person you gave it to could delight in regaling the inquirer with fascinating facts about where it was used, by whom and how the styles had changed radically over the centuries and reigns of the monarchs under which it was issued. It’s not often that a present can provoke such interest and it would also endear itself to whoever you gave it to, not only because of its curiosity value and attractiveness, but also because it’s an antique, it will appreciate in value as well. Not only that, but some claim the beast style of weight actually have magical healing powers!  

Apart from their decorative use, opium weights are also very functional as paper weights or place holders. How many times have you sat doing paper work or reading on your balcony or in your garden only to have some irksome breeze come and blow away papers or turn your pages? A 300 gramme bird opium weight would be perfect to hold down your papers or page. You can buy one for as little as US$35 and also include a brief explanation when you send it or give it as a gift so that the person you give it to knows all about its interesting history and what it was used for in the past.

Below you can see some examples of opium weights as treasured possessions in their collector’s display cases. Imagine how one would look in yours or on a shelf alongside some of your other favourite objets d’art and mementos.